Terms And Conditions

  1. At the time of registration with Tirumalesa Matrimony, please make sure that the minimum age of the prospective Bride is not less than 18 years and of the prospective Bridegroom is not less than 21years.
  2. As a law abiding responsible organization, Tirumalesa Matrimony strictly operates in accordance with the rules laid down by the govt. of India that are applicable to all the matrimonial services and websites operating in India..
  3. According to these rules, Tirumalesa Matrimony insists upon a government recognized valid photo ID card with address, from all the users registering with Tirumalesa Matrimony.. It is the duty of the user to give a fully validated photo ID card and Tirumalesa Matrimony will be in no way responsible for any intentional fraud committed by the user either at the time of registration or while using, updating, adding or editing any information on website dashboard, thereafter.
  4. The user registering with Tirumalesa Matrimony fully agrees that all the information provided by him/her in the registration form, at the time of registration, is fully accurate and legally valid in any court of law.
  5. Tirumalesa Matrimony does not in any way own any responsibility for any incorrect or fraudulent information provided by the user in the registration form.. It is for the matching user to cross check all the details provided by the other user with whom he or she would be entering into a marriage alliance.
  6. Tirumalesa Matrimony is only a facilitator between the two parties mutually agreeing for the marriage using this platform and is in no away responsible for any problem arising thereafter in their marriage life.
  7. The user of this registration form or website fully indemnifies Tirumalesa Matrimony from all or any such legal consequences, whatsoever, in future arising out of the alliance made on this site.
  8. TirumalesaMatrimony is strictly a matrimonial service provider only and should not in any way be misused in the name of 'Dating' or' Friendship'.. Making false registration, filling up fake details are crimes under Indian Penal Code and call for stringent legal actions.
  9. By listing a matrimonial profile, the person making such a profile hereby agrees not to hold Tirumalesa Matrimony responsible or liable against any suit or complaint civil, pecuniary or criminal and against any claims or damages which may be brought or levied against Tirumalesa Matrimony on account of any matter arising out of, or relating to such a posting or responses received from such posting.
  10. Tirumalesa Matrimony shall not be held responsible in case the information / photographs of the members so displayed in the site are unauthorizedly copied / printed / published / forged / superimposed /manipulated etc. or misused by any user / member / visitor.
  11. All the profiles listed onTirumalesa Matrimony are listed in complete trust and good faith in our organization.. So, we request you to please maintain the decorum of this organization and also maintain utmost decency while communicating or responding with any profile featured here.