"Unite, O Lord, this couple like a pair of Chakravakas. May they surrounded by children be,
living both long and happy"-Rig Veda XIV 2.64

With the Divine blessings of Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara, Tirumalesa Matrimony is brought to you by the globally popular miraculous content website, www.tirumalesa.com, that has hundreds of thousands of well learned followers all over the world today including in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia among others.

8 Amazing Unique Features Of Tirumalesa Matrimony

  • Tirumalesa Matrimony is created by a noble Father of two daughters with the sole intention of ensuring marriages of all the daughters out there.. Tirumalesa Matrimony is exclusively for Hindus and shall forever remain for Hindus only.. However, all castes, categorized as Hindus, may register with us.
  • At Tirumalesa Matrimony, we provide utmost security to each and every profile and this is the core feature of this site. All the registered profiles here are stored and secured in a secret server. Only authorized staff members will have access to them.
  • All the registered users will have a dedicated dashboard to upload images, add and edit a detailed category wise profile, mention partner preferences, set priorities, specify requirements and also saya little more about themselves if they have anything more to say.
  • Thereafter, we - at Tirumalesa matrimony - study your profile, understand your partner preferences, note your priorities and manually conduct all the search for you and send you only handpicked profiles that automatically appear on your dashboard. This is a unique profile safety feature no other matrimony site in India is currently offering.
  • Also, for the first time in India, we have developed a smart dashboard that would automatically reject or prevent any profile, from appearing on your dashboard,if that is not matching at least the top five priorities of your partner preferences. That means even if we want to send you an unwanted profile we won’t be able to, because, your dashboard rejects it.
  • Another most important feature of Tirumalesa Matrimony is,“your subscription is valid until the day you receive from us the complete number of profiles that we promised to send you at the time of your registration”.
  • To summarize everything, “with our sincere prayers to Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara, we at Tirumalesa Matrimony ensure you marriages not just profiles; make marriages not just money”.. And for that, we would do all the hard work for you and also search for you the most ideal life partner. All that you have to do is, “just relax and go through the profiles we send you periodically”.
  • Every work here at Tirumalesa Matrimony is carried out in the name of Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara and it is to Him we all report our duties. By registering your profile with us today, you are only adding Security to your profile, Safety to your identity, Certainty to your marriage and Serenity to your life.

Go ahead. Register. And relax. From hereon, it becomes our duty to take care of your marriage.
Good luck.

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