About Us

1. Tirumalesa Matrimony website is owned and operated by Narrenaditya Komaragiri, Author, Founder & Chief Admin of the globally popular Divine website www.tirumalesa.com that has hundreds of thousands of well learned followers all over the world. His followers include many IAS officers, Top Govt. Officials, Bureaucrats, Scientists, Doctors, Professors, Businessmen, IT Professionals, Ministry officials, Film personalities, Peetadhipathis, Popular preachers and scholars and Tirumala Temple priests among others.

2. With his powerful writing in English, of several Divine articles and stories on Lord Sri Venkateswara, Narrenaditya - a Post Graduate in English and an Award Winning Creative Director & Writer - had touched hundreds of thousands of lives across the world.

3. His 'God On Call' - a powerful book on Lord Venkateswara with twelve spellbinding true miraculous stories in English - had brought in many changes in the lives of it's readers around the world.

4. The new powerful Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra Puja which Narrenaditya had introduced to the world through this Divine book is bringing many miraculous changes in the lives of it's readers and is more miraculously solving many of their unresolved problems. This book is already translated into Kannada language and is now being translated into Hindi and other major Indian languages.

5. In November, 2016, Narrenaditya, a Telugu Niyogi Brahmin, had uploaded his daughter's profile to a leading matrimony website in India and was shocked when he started receiving proposals from all castes, sub castes and religions despite he clearly mentioning in his profile that he's looking only "for proposals from Telugu Brahmin families"

6. After realizing that everyone has access to his daughter's profile and her personal photos on that site, including fraudsters and fake profiles, Narrenaditya had decided to build on his own a strong matrimony website with extraordinary security features.. That is how Tirumalesa Matrimony is born.

7. With the sole intention of adding more sanctity to marriages and more security to each and every user's profile, Narrenaditya, a father of two daughters himself, had decided to launch Tirumalesa Matrimony exclusively for Hindus. This site shall forever remain only for HINDUS

8. The site is built strictly on the measures recommended by the Govt. of India. Every profile here will be verified as per the govt. norms. KYC documents are also collected from each user.